February’s 28 Mindful Tasks

 photo from www.wheniscalendars.com
photo from http://www.wheniscalendars.com

During February, that sweet, short month bursting with 28 days of groundhogs and valentines and discourse of great presidents, I have decided to take on a challenge. My mind needs soothing. My heart needs comfort. My aching body needs support. I have gathered a list of 50 mindful self-care activities. During the next month I will choose one each day, complete it, and then write a short blog post pondering the benefits such tasks have on my mental and physical health. I will also be addressing my triggers. What flames my anxiety and pain, and what can I do to lessen or even avoid them? 

Let the journey begin. If you want to follow me, I will be posting daily on my blog www.drunkonloveinthe.kitchen and on my Medium account at https://medium.com/@christieshumatemcelwee. If you want to join me on this mindful odyssey, comment on your own experiences. Who knows what we will discover together?

List of 50 Mindful Self-Care Activities:

(List ideas came from two articles on mindbodygreen.com: “30 Days of Self Care: Your Guide” by Danielle Orner and “28 Easy Self-Care Practices Anyone Can Do” by Rachel Gibbs)

    1    Take a long evening walk.

    2    Listen to my favorite album/set list with the lights low and a candle burning.

    3    Dance — by myself, in the kitchen, in a class, out on the town.

    4    Write in my journal.

    5    Make a meal, set the table, and enjoy without distraction.

    6    Go to my favorite coffee shop and order a special drink in a mug.

    7    Snuggle a pet.

    8    Visit a museum or an art gallery.

    9    Draw or paint.

  10    Do a favorite activity from childhood (color in a coloring book, swing on a swing-set, play with Barbies).

  11    Sing.

  12    Spend time on a hobby.

  13    Practice yoga.

  14    Bake, just for the sake of it.

  15    Meet up with someone who makes me feel supported.

  16    Watch a funny film or a beloved classic.

  17    Take a picnic or have breakfast in bed.

  18    Reread a beloved book.

  19    Knit, do a crossword puzzle, or play an instrument.

  20   Try something fun or relaxing I have always wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to yet.

  21    Sit in nature.

  22    Enjoy a hot tub or sauna.

  23    Get a massage.

  24    Watch the sunset or sunrise.

  25     Meditate.

  26     Use aromatherapy.

  27     Mindfully, eat some dark chocolate or fresh berries.

  28     Write a letter or send a card.

  29     Pay it forward or contribute to a favorite charity.

  30     Try a new recipe, something challenging or foreign.

  31     Play with a child.

  32     Go to the park.

  33     Go on a walk.

  34     Try something new where I am not in control or the expert.

  35     Visit a family member and get coffee.

  36     Organize my books and sell or give away the ones I don’t want anymore.

  37     Turn off my computer, tablet, and cell phone for two hours or longer.

  38     Watch a favorite movie.

  39     Spend time at the library or a bookstore.

  40     Get a manicure/pedicure.

  41     Get lost in a magazine or a book.

  42     Try a guided meditation.

  43     Visit a new restaurant. 

  44     Read for pleasure.

  45     Eat alone at a restaurant.

  46     Walk around a favorite store without buying anything.

  47     Pick up the phone and call an old friend.

  48     Be a tourist in my own town.

  49     Start a gratitude journal.

  50     Take a day trip to a new location.

“Our grand business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.” – Thomas Carlyle

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.” – William Shakespeare

“Allow yourself to enjoy each happy moment in your life.” – Steve Maraboli

3 thoughts on “February’s 28 Mindful Tasks

  1. Wonderful thoughts and words, and what an incredible list of ways to escape the madness of the world and focus on my own peace and well-being. Thank you for sharing your plans, and for providing the opportunity for others to join you!


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