On the Cusp

Halloween is over with Thanksgiving less than three weeks away. Christmas decorations begin to fill the store aisles. Daylight savings time ends early tomorrow morning. Autumn is not quite done with us yet, though.

The leaves turn and fall. Autumn whispers, “Winter is coming. Breathe in now, for all will be gone soon.”

We grumble as we rake our yards, wishing we were still young and could jump head first in a pile of crunchy leaves. We have never forgotten the sensation that memory delivers. 

The descent always begins at the top of a tree, like a man just on the verge of losing his hair. One can almost hear the trees sigh.

A few football teams head to playoffs. The last of the Halloween candy is eaten. Our Christmas lights beckon, “Put us up now, before ice and snow make it difficult.”

The end of fall is one last brilliant gasp, reminding us to soak in the fleeting beauty, the wonderful bliss, the luminous glow…to sigh with a sense of awe at all we behold.

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” – William Cullen Bryant


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