My Perfect Pink Coat

A few years back I was on a search for the perfect coat. Not just any coat. A pink coat. A perfect pink coat just like Lorelei Gilmore’s.

Lorelei always had the most fabulous clothes. Funky t-shirts, great jeans, clingy dresses, jaunty hats….but it was her pink coat I coveted the most, and I knew I needed to find one for myself.

I perused stores and the internet for months. Nothing. Where was my perfect pink coat? Because I believed once I bought that perfect pink coat, my life would be perfect instead of what it was…a father with Alzheimer’s, money issues, work stress. A pink coat like Lorelei’s would sprinkle me with the magic of Stars Hollow. Once I found it, the world would be all glitter and witty repartee. 

That fall was an especially stressful time. My lovely husband decided we needed a quick getaway to Chicago, despite the disgustingly high hotel rates. The weather was gorgeous, so we walked and walked. We ate delicious food and drank expensive wine, and we walked some more. Whenever we wandered into stores, I was on the lookout for my pink perfect coat. My husband was aware of my obsessive pursuit of this coat. He was right there in the aisles with me, picking through racks of outerwear. (He is my Luke, that one.)

And suddenly….there it was. A pink coat. My pink coat. I tried it on. Oh, my, it was perfect. Then I glanced at the price. Wow. How could I justify the price of this coat? I slowly took it off and placed it back on the hangar. I began to walk away when my husband said, “You have to buy that coat. You will regret it if you don’t.” “But the price,” I said. “Honey, this is your coat.”

So I bought the coat. It took me a few months to pay off, but now I had my perfect pink coat. Did life become all twinkle lights and strolls around Stars Hollow’s bucolic town square? No, but every time I put it on, I channeled a little bit of Lorelei’s fanciful soul.

Yesterday when I watched the trailer for the Netflix reboot of Gilmore Girls, I saw Lorelei wearing a new pink coat. Of course she still has a pink coat. It’s her cape, her invisible plane, her super power.

My perfect pink coat is now a bit ratty around the edges and a little tight in the middle, but whenever I wear it, I still feel its energy. It reminds me of my inner strength, my gifts, my love. That whenever life is hard and messy and unfixable, my perfect pink coat finds my magical Lorelei within. It’s my cape, my invisible plane, my super power.

 “Pink is my SIGNATURE color.” - Shelby, Steel magnolias
“Pink is my SIGNATURE color.” – Shelby, Steel magnolias

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