Can Pie Fix Our Nation’s Broken Heart?

Flag Day commemorates the day our flag was adopted in 1777, but during times of extreme sorrow, this holiday gives us an occasion when we can reflect on the flag, our country, and the freedoms we strive for every day.

I was hesitant to put up my flag today because there would be no way to lower it to half-staff, but when I did a little research, I found it is an accepted tradition to tie a black ribbon to the flag as a sign of mourning if it can’t be flown at half-mast. That is what I did, so I hope in this infinitesimal gesture I am honoring those individuals who lost their lives in the horrific tragedy in Orlando.

If you look closer at the photo, you will notice my porch sign, “Pie Fixes Everything,” which was generously made for me by a dear friend who knows how I love to bake pies. Oh, how I wish pie could fix things this time, but it is not that simple.

Pie can’t fix our country’s obsession with guns, especially the easy access to semi-automatic weapons that are produced and sold for the sole purpose of killing massive numbers of human beings.

Pie can’t fix the hate spewed from politicians pandering to ignorance and prejudice.

Pie can’t fix the fear that is flowing through the LBGT community right now.

Pie can’t fix the trepidation that many Muslim-Americans are feeling as they venture out in their communities.

Pie can’t fix the sorrow of the families who have lost beloved sons and daughters to gun violence.

Pie can’t fix the skewed logic and perpetuated myths that keep getting tossed around every time our country is witness to another mass shooting.

Pie can’t fix the brokenness of this nation and the divisions that seem insurmountable.

Pie can’t fix the tears and sorrow and anger and outrage flowing from those who wish for a safer, kinder, and more just place for their children and grandchildren.

What can pie fix?

Pie can still bring warmth and friendship and simple joy. When I bake pies, I spread a little love with every crust I roll out and each filling I concoct. I acknowledge this won’t solve any of the above problems, but it may bring some peace to my broken heart, so now I am off to the store to gather supplies for an afternoon of pie healing.

…but let’s remember that love is a verb. And to love means to do something.

— Stephen Colbert

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