We Are All Amazon Princessess

Last week my husband and I saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Despite what the critics said about this clash of the capes, we thoroughly enjoyed it. I was drawn in by the melancholy of both heroes. Both Batman and Superman struggle with grief, regret, and a general sense of doubt when it comes to what is right. Ben Affleck captured the aging Dark Knight’s anger. Henry Cavill is the embodiment of Superman’s true nature. The character that really captured my attention, though, was Wonder Woman. When Gal Gadot finally donned the metal bracelets, I was entranced. Who was this creature with the magic lasso and agile moves? This was a woman who didn’t need saving. She had her own power.

After the movie, my husband loaned me a couple of his Wonder Woman comic books so I could delve into her story. (Yes, my husband is a comic book nerd. It is just one part of his fabulous, quirky appeal.) Comic books have never been my choice of reading material. They are not set up in a linear manner. It requires patience to read the talk bubbles and then focus on the artwork, but I was willing to put that aside as I began to discover Wonder Woman’s story.

I then did a little research. The Wonder Woman character was created back in 1941 by DC Comics. She is an Amazon warrior princess who has superhuman powers and great fighting skills. Her weapons include the Lasso of Truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets, and a powerful tiara. She is Princess Diana of Themyscira. Her character has undergone many transformations since the 40’s, but she has always been known for her pursuit of love, peace, justice, and equality for the sexes. 

Lois Lane is smart, gutsy, and clever, but whenever she’s in danger, Superman is there. Wonder Woman doesn’t require saving. She uses her brains, skills, and gadgets to combat evil. Sometimes she succeeds; other times she is not so lucky. 

How can we all reign in our own inner Wonder Woman? Most of my women friends do this on a daily basis. They work and raise children. They take care of aging parents. They fight for causes they believe are good. They believe in justice and truth. They are powerful. They are strong. Their mythical tiaras summon strength deep within their hearts. 

They are all Wonder Woman.

We are all Wonder Woman.

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