Mother and Grandmother

A mother is knee-deep in the daily upkeep of children. Her life is in a constant whirl of tiny hands, needy voices, and unexpected messes. She worries all the time. Is she doing this all right? There are toys littering the floor and homework to check. The laundry is never finished. Meals often consist of mac & cheese or grilled cheese or anything covered in cheese. She looks at those little faces she helped create and her heart melts, even when she is yelling at them to clean their rooms. Her job is teacher, nurse, cook, gardener, laundress, police enforcer, and lawyer all rolled into one super woman.

A grandmother knows what it is like to be knee-deep in the daily upkeep of children, but now her home is quiet and neat. Her heart melts when those little people say her name with excitement. She holds hands, patiently colors Hello Kitty, reads favorite books over and over, and listens…really listens to every story, every song, every sigh. She runs her hands over small heads and knows that time is fleeting. With every day these tiny beings get bigger and bigger, so she cherishes the moments spent in love. Her job is cupcake baker, storyteller, present giver, creator of huge hugs, and a soft place to land all rolled into one super woman.

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform.

— Diane Mariechild

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