tHe TrUe ArT oF tHe DeAl

(I pilfered this idea from the luminescent Anne Lamott who after the chaos in Chicago last Friday evening wrote about her lovely and simple definition of the art of the deal. You can read it on her Facebook page. I can’t even come remotely close to her magical words, but here are my own reflections of the true art of the deal.)

The art of the deal is

seeing a son stand tall with the safety of the streets in his eyes.

relishing the tears as I begin to comprehend what he will face every day.

chatting with a beautiful friend who holds our connection in her heart.

wandering the city in a blue polka dotted rain coat and a pink umbrella held high against the drops.

smiling at the fussy barks of the creatures who inhabit Pier 39.

meditatively walking the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral.

embracing the large gracious family who loves my son.

gasping in awe as the colossal waves crash the coast.

glimpsing the tips of the magnificent red bridge through walls of rain.

sipping wine with old and new friends, even though I don’t fully understand legs, body, or bouquet.

discussing the chaotic state of this nation with my Lebanese Uber driver.

gazing at magnificent compositions bathed in shades of afternoon light.

tiptoeing through puddles in the garden of koi fish, pagodas, and delicate bridges.

hanging on as my son maneuvers his car down the steep streets.

talking about books and politics and the power of women with my dazzling daughter-in-law.

finally seeing the sun through the airport windows.

The art of the deal is

the five dollars given to a homeless man on Fisherman’s Wharf.

the picture taken of the Muslim couple in front of the Levi Straus building.

the artiste of the bartender at the Buena Vista.

the 700 steps to the top of the world.

the long wait for the cable car.

the sparkle of this city even in the mist.

The art of the deal is

saying goodbye to my hearts.

knowing home is waiting.

accepting the power of higher vibrations.

wrapping ourselves in love.

That is the true art of the deal.

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