The Past, Future, and Living in the Present

Is it possible to really live in the present, to just accept life in the here and now? I know I have difficulty with this concept. I don’t live in the past, but I am anxious about the future. I try to breathe, think about what I have now, and it gives me some peace, but it is fleeting. 

What else can I do do live in the present?


Practicing yoga helps me move in the moment. When I focus on the poses and the flow, I slow down. I am zen for at least the length of the class.


Baking is a moving meditation. As I roll out the dough and peel the apples, my nerves calm. Pie is my happy place.


A good book can take me to another time and place. My stress dissipates. Fine literature is better than any drug. 


A walk gives me time to ponder the wonders of life. I get some of my best ideas on a long walk.


I have to admit I am not an expert at meditation, but I am working on it. All of the research points to the health benefits of quieting the mind for at least ten minutes a day. This is one of my goals.


Yup. Enough said. Sex is the ultimate living in the moment activity. 


Since I have begun this writing journey, the process quiets my mind and gives me repose. The words present themselves with a certain kind of calmness.

Through all these activities I am attempting to live in the present, at least for now.

“Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.” – Ben Franklin

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