Cinnamon Hearts and Candy Corn

Every year around this time my husband goes on a search for cinnamon hearts or Red Hots. He knows how much I adore them, so it’s his mission to find some for me. In the fall, I am always on the hunt for candy corn for him, and not just any candy corn. It must be Brach’s, because it’s the best. It is what we do for each other. Our love for each other is wrapped up in holiday sweets.

This is true love. It’s the little gestures, the things we give each other without demands. 

It is how he takes my hand as we cross a busy street.

It’s the look I give him when he makes up a word.

It is our Saturday night meals filled with great food, good wine, and fine tunes.

It is our weekly trips to the grocery store. He guides the cart as I double check the list.

It is how he has kept me sane and upright during tough times.

It’s the pat he always gives my rear as I exit the car.

It’s the understanding and acceptance of each other’s quirks.

It is the undeniable fact that we are each other’s biggest fan.

It is the understanding of our past mistakes and how they have shaped us.

It is the quiet times.

It is the look he gives me from across a crowded room.

It’s our hands intertwined. 

It is cinnamon hearts and candy corn.

Never settle for less than cinnamon hearts and candy corn.

“Sweet like candy to my soul,

sweet you rock, 

and sweet you roll.

Lost for you

I’m so lost for you.”

Dave Matthews

One thought on “Cinnamon Hearts and Candy Corn

  1. Oh yes! Having been in relationships where I settled for less, I’m blessed to have a thoughtful husband like yours. ♥PS: I love Red Hots too!


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